Daily Devotions

Keep Looking

Not only have you not seen everything, but there are things that have not yet been formed in your behalf.  You can’t see them because they have not yet been formed. You haven’t seen what God is doing behind the veil that fear and doubt and obstacles have woven in your life. Consider the “cloud the size of a man’s hand” (1K.18:44) that God formed for Elijah. The servant had to go and look seven times in order to see what he had not yet seen the first six times. Even when the servant saw the little cloud, it was nothing compared to what it soon would be. Be careful to not stop looking for God’s intervention just because you have not seen something that looks like what your mind can imagine (1Cor.2:9).

Dreams Visions Prophecy Symposium
September 22-24, 2017 *** NO FEE
Kathy, Melissa and Marty Gabler
Teaching Worship Ministry Activation
Grace International Church    Willis,TX
More Info:

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