Daily Devotions

Pus Extraction

The reason this year has been so nasty so far is because 2017 is the year of pus extraction.  That stuff has to come out! You don’t want infection staying in and causing possible irreversible harm to the whole body.  It must be drawn out and extracted.  The following is a list of items (“pus”) being extracted that are kicking and screaming on their way out. GOVERNMENT LEADERS with dark roots: Traitors, Tyrants, Secret Societies, Slave Masters.  Those which have held manipulative sway in the high courts of this land have been targeted by the King Himself.  WITCHES are being brought to the light so their tentacles will be cut off of this nation and THE CHURCH.  SOCIETY’S BANDAIDS: “anything goes” because I’m a victim.  That bandage is being publicly ripped off.  RELIGIOUS IDEALS: man-made, manipulative ideology that has held influence in the man-made “high positions” of the church are being exposed.  (Second excerpt from Melissa Gabler’s article “A Drawing Salve Kind of Season”)


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