Daily Devotions

Broken Arm Healed

CT Carleton—“One of our neighbors was at our house one day when our oldest boy fell out of the barn and bent his harm between the wrist and the elbow. She asked if I wasn’t going to take him to the doctor and I told her that I wasn’t. It’s a shame, she said, you just have one boy and you let his arm stay like that. I told her that God made it straight the first time, surely he can straighten it now. She came back the next morning while I was at the barn and I saw her call Joe to her and examine both of his arms and the one that was hurt was just as good as it ever had been. She didn’t say any more about it. Praise God for his greatness.  (From Kathy’s great grandfather’s booklet “Experiences Under Tests and Trials”, C.T. Carleton)


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