Daily Devotions

Battle of the Mind

If a war breaks out within your mind, because you are sick yourself, when someone asks you to pray for them, that is a (behind the scenes) battle over sonship.  Even if we don’t voice it, as children of God we know our Father doesn’t withhold any good thing like healing, right?  So, when I am not healed, my sonship easily comes under fire, until I repent (which means I catch what I’m thinking and change it).  We change our thinking by remembering the Truth.  In this case, the truth is that infirmity cannot de-son nor de-daughter anyone because sonship is a covenant, not a condition.  Sons anticipate, meaning they already have a realization of the power of Father’s faithfulness to His Word and His Covenant, so they pray out of that confidence, even if their tooth is aching while they pray for someone’s fever. We don’t have to forego anticipation and participation in God-exploits, even while we are under attack or winning sonship wars. (Last excerpt from Kathy’s article “Anticipating the Power of the Kingdom”)


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