Daily Devotions

The Sonship Priority

ManPushUphill(Kathy G.) We cannot lose sight of the “sonship” priority during the process.  Religions and cultures and philosophies can train people to be good and do good stuff without being a son, but if you put that kind of regimen without relationship in a bowl and add a lifetime of effort and consistency and sacrifice, you will still come up short of the glory of God. If our identity gets attached to our works and then accomplishments become the measure of our worth and merit, (instead of righteousness being a gift from God), we fall short of the glory of God.   Bringing sons to glory pivots on the Father-son relationship, not regimen and rules and works.
(This is the second excerpt from Kathy Gabler’s article “Bringing Sons to Glory“. More excerpts will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.)


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