Daily Devotions

Don’t put oil in the Dishpan

SinkDishpanThe guy hurried from the garage to the kitchen brushing past his wife who was just coming out of the laundry room. Grabbing her dishpan, he headed back out to the garage without so much as a howdy do. “Where do you think you are going with my new dishpan?”, the wife demanded. Obviously on a mission, the husband yelled over his shoulder, “To change the oil in my pickup!” Even more vehemently and quickly headed in his direction, she yelled back, “Not with my good dishpan, you’re not!” at which point he demanded to know why not. She firmly replied, “Because that pan is sanctified! It is sanctified for dishwashing and nothing else!” In Josh.3:5, Joshua’s instruction to the people of Israel was “Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you.”  He well might have been instructing them to separate themselves from things like cynicism, unbelief, opinions of others, past disappointment or from anger. Anger and disappointment are anticipation busters. Joshua did not suggest the Israelites find a knock-em-down prayer line to get in. He instructed that they sanctify themselves. Sometimes we fail to sanctify ourselves today and end up wondering why we don’t get to experience God’s wonders tomorrow.

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