Daily Devotions

2016 Declaration #7

I DECLARE: **7. There will be an effective Kingdom expression of the present generation in the coming year.
FatherSonBuildThere will not simply be talk and complaining about unacceptable issues but unified participation to bring about transformation.

–What the former generations did not/could not express, we will.
–What our parents were not, we can be.
–What has not been accomplished in past generations can be accomplished in OUR generation…. in US.

Phil.3:13 “reaching forth to those things which are before”
i.e., reaching beyond the point that we have reached in the past;  reaching beyond former blockages and hindrances.
Lk.6:10 “stretch forth your hand”, i.e. do something you have never done before.

Start what has never gotten started before.
Stop what has never been stopped before.
Build bigger and more effective that which has always been small and ineffective.

We are destined to be an instrument of the Kingdom of God and to use Kingdom of God methods to get Kingdom of God results.

(Each year these declarations come out of seasons of prayer for those with whom Marty has a degree of influence. If you would like to read all seven you may go to this link: https://martygabler.com/2016-declarations/)


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