Daily Devotions

Redemptive Rescue

WomenSewingRedemptive acts can look like a U.S. businessman who went on a missions trip to Indonesia. When walking down the streets of a large inner city he noticed many women who were obviously captive in human trafficking. His heart was deeply moved for their plight and began asking the Lord what he could do to help turn things around for those women. The Lord put it on the man’s heart to open sewing centers around the city to teach those women to sew and while they are sewing, teach them about Jesus. He talks to U.S. companies and asks them to buy a pallet of sewing machines for Indonesia. He has gotten others involved in the vision and found local businesses to buy the clothes and has begun to make significant redemptive inroads into the human trafficking dilemma as redeemed women are becoming a legitimate part of the marketplace and the church in the inner city. There is room for both supernatural and practical in the redemptive Kingdom of God. There are times that, in order to deal with the intangible, we need to redemptively touch the tangible.
(This is the fifth excerpt from Marty’s article “THY Kingdom Come“ which was published in SEEC Magazine [Marty and Kathy’s ministry magazine]. )

Listen to a short audio file of  MARTY  GABLER  speaking on
“The Voice Of God In Action.”

Marty and Kathy will be ministering at KINGDOM CONGRESS 2018 Mar.7-9
Grace International Willis,TX just north of Houston.

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