Daily Devotions

To Hold Grandchildren

Grandparents holding a babyJudy Grieser Ham tagged Marty Gabler
-The Base, Des Moines, Iowa
Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, 06.26.15:

You grandparents are getting healed so that you can hold your grandchildren. And you can bless them. When you are holding those grandchildren you are imparting to them. You are imparting your love, the love of Jesus Christ, you are imparting healing to them. Some of you have grandchildren that need healing. I declare to you that you are gaining strength in your limbs and in your backs so you can hold your children and other grandchildren. For the purposes of impartation and love and healing. Some of you have grandchildren that have gone through some traumas that need more than physical healing. They need inward healing, and you are going to impart that to them…

“Advancing The Kingdom” — Kathy’s message from the SEEC
Kingdom Conference 2014 (52 min.)
Click link below to listen:


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