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The Throne of Self-Will

Saul was a man with a character breach. Whether his wrong beliefs flawed his character or his flawed character undermined his beliefs, I cannot say; but this king’s belief and value system was geared to bring him down because he did not truly fear God. There are three evidences of this in 1 Samuel, Chapter 15: 1) he ThroneWood.jpgfeared man more than God, 2) he chose his own desires over obedience to God, and 3) he asked the prophet Samuel to honor him before the elders (in spite of his downfall), which was equivalent to asking God to do things his way just to make him look good. King Saul was obviously on the throne of Self as well as the throne of Israel and he was willing to pay any price to stay in his Saul-ish kingship. A man who truly feared God would not have set himself to war against God and His plan for Israel. Saul wanted to kill the would-be king, David, and was even willing to kill his own heir-apparent, Jonathan, to ensure that his throne not be shaken. –Kathy