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Light, Dark and Opposition

LightAndDarkAs long as there is a kingdom of darkness and a Kingdom of Light there will be opposition. We must understand that the kingdom of darkness does not simply exist but it is forcefully moving against all that it hates with the intent to dismantle all that does not agree with it. But we have an unshakeable Kingdom! (Heb.12:28) 

Kingdom of Darkness and Kingdom of Light

One giant step in the direction of saving the “house” (Matt.7-built on rock) is to LightAndDark.jpgrecognize that there is a vast difference between the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of Light, and the impossibility of bridging that disparity through any form of compromise or tolerance. The citizens of the Kingdom of Light must maintain purity and fealty to the King of Kings and His standards, values and covenant.  (Excerpt four from “Don’t Fear the Snakes” by Marty G.)