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Thinking Past Attitudes

man thinkingLet’s get this down to daily.  It is going to take thinking past our frustrations as just being frustrations and realizing they are a signal to stop and find out what is not lining up with Father’s will in heaven at this moment!  It is going to take thinking past aches and pains being normal to see what needs to be addressed to bring Father’s order.  It is going to take  thinking past the predictions on the news to see Father’s plans in motion.  It is going to take daily thinking past attitudes and moods and atmospheres that are tolerated because they are familiar, so we realize the need to clear the air for His purpose and the advancing of His Kingdom.

An Appointment for Ladies * June 13 & 14, 2014
Speakers:  Kathy & Melissa Gabler  *  No Fee
Grace International Church just north of Houston on I-45
Church phone: 936-856-2455
Click here to see more:  Ladies Appointment