Daily Devotions

God Uses the Impossible

Concerns about jobs and income are at the forefront for most people. At the beginning of the pandemic a couple who own their own business contacted us. They had been very concerned because of the shutdowns and restrictions that would affect their business plus they live in a small town. They had just received a phone call that would insure they had work for several months. They said that it was unconventional because it was not exactly what their company does but because of their expertise, their company would be able to do the work.  I spoke with them last week and was told that they still have more work than they can handle and a relative had to move to their town to help them. One lady told us that she was looking around on the internet and discovered someone owed her money and they paid her. A widow was going through some of her husband’s papers and discovered that he had communicated with a company to buy some of his professional camera equipment. She called them to see if they might still be interested. The man said, “I have been trying to contact your husband because I owe him $450.00! I will send the check today.” Our God is unconventional and, therefore, accomplishes the necessary in unconventional ways. We have heard from several churches that income has actually been up since the pandemic started. Blessed be the name of the Lord that He does not consider the impossibilities His people are up against as being something that can’t be overcome! Yahweh has always used the impossible to glorify His name.

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