Daily Devotions

Discovering God’s Plan

God’s thoughts, God’s heart were born in Hannah right in the midst of her grief and brokenness (1Sam.1:10). It was not her grief and brokenness alone. She could not claim it as her own. It was God’s! The result of God’s heart born in Hannah was a cry for a son that she might give him completely to God. Therefore, a son was born to Hannah and she completely gave him to God for the sake of Israel’s future. (Ps.142:5)  God has sounded out a framework for you to fulfill your destiny in (Heb.11:3). That framework is entered into by faith (2Cor.5:7). The way we know we have entered into it by faith is that there are corresponding actions of obedience and preparation. Our life’s call and work is a discovering of what God has had planned for eons. You were born at the right time.

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