Daily Devotions

“Logical” Doesn’t Mean “Necessary”

Israel had, for four hundred years, been in a situation where they knew what to LookAround Hand Head.pngexpect each and every day. Their surroundings were so familiar that they had become acceptable. Their situation was identifiable. They could understand to the point that they could logically describe it. But “logical” doesn’t mean “necessary”. It was not all that easy to walk away from yesterday — especially something you had “learned to live with.” But you don’t have to learn to live with anything that is not part of God’s purpose.   Ps.138:7-8, TPT — “By your mighty power I can walk through any devastation and you will keep me alive, reviving me. Your power set me free from the hatred of my enemies. 8 You keep every promise you’ve ever made to me! Since your love for me is constant and endless, I ask you, Lord, to finish every good thing that you’ve begun in me!”

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