Daily Devotions

Old Tin Foil and the Unconventional

Saving each bit of tin foil, no matter how torn or wrinkled, was what some of my kinfolks did after they went through the Great Depression in the last century. My Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 11.11.41 PM.pnggrandmother made dish soap out of old bars of bath soap that had become too small to handle easily. She would drop them in a jar of water and let them melt and use the liquid to wash her dishes. Experiences of the past help shape our attitudes and actions (or lack thereof) in the present. There were, however, people who came through that economic downturn, and ensuing hardships, by applying positive attitudes and industrious minds to adjust to the unconventional of their times. They were, therefore, able to affect the future so that they might be better prepared to advance into coming changes and developments.

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