Daily Devotions

No Vacancy

Jesus said, “The ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in me (Jn 14:30).” In other words, there was nothing of the nature of the ruler of this world in Jesus NoVacancy.jpgthat he could lay claim to. Everything of God that is in you that is born of the Spirit and the Word, satan cannot lay claim to. He cannot get hold of it and he cannot jerk you around with it. But everything that is akin to his nature, everything in our peevish attitudes, everything in our personality, our fleshliness and carnality that we allow out from under the lordship of Jesus Christ, the prince of this world will get hold of it and jerk us completely off the course of destiny for our lives. And he will use the controlling agendas and side-tracking focus of men’s designs if they can find some greed for power or craving for notoriety within us to hold on to. It is time now to put up neon-bright “No Vacancy” signs on the temples of God which we are, to notify the enemy that we are already obligated to Him who has bought us and we are not our own (1Co 6:19-20).

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