Daily Devotions

Prevail Over Contradictions

Whatever God puts in motion, our part is obedience that completes His intent and gets the God-result in history.  I watched my daughter Melissa get set up for such an MSG_worship_GIC Sept2012obedience.  Every state had received a call to have an intercessory group go to their capitol and begin a Tent America worship and prayer vigil on the same day.  The focus was God’s will for both the state and the nation. The coordinator for Texas planned to start the project with worship.  Worship, like Judah, was going first because worship absorbs our focus in who God is and who is God.  Starting from that focus is essential if we are to get to God results. Worship is a priority in life’s warfare because it sets our footing for battle which is the truth of who He is and what He has designed and desired.  To prevail over contradictions and dispel darkness, we must start from Light and Truth, “if God be . . . then who or what can be against?”  Worship is a commitment to truth, starting the way we mean to go and declaring whose outcome we mean to agree with in earth as in heaven. —Kathy Gabler  (Fourth excerpt from “Ever Increasing”)

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