Daily Devotions

Whispers on the Wind

Recently, I asked the Lord for insight on what some pastor friends were dealing with. His answer was, “Whispers in the wind.” Caught up in the moment, I did not speak but used my hands to war (Psa 144:1). I thrust my hand in the air, snapping antennafrom an open palm to a pinching grip to silence the noise and shut up the foul breath.
I was confident that the “winds” were being confronted by counterforces of God and the outcome would be a halt to the lethal influences invading lives and business and government, especially in the church mountain of culture in that region. “Be still and know that I Am God” was the prevailing, activated directive as I watched the war in the air. I saw dark powers vying for positions like communication companies contending for key antennae placement. The powers of darkness were looking for effective perches for the most intense signal and dominating communication advantage to keep the atmosphere inundated with their whispers, but the sounds were muted.
(Excerpt from Kathy’s article “Mature Son Results”)

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