Daily Devotions

No Fears in the Atmosphere

A while back a person was regularly posting updates on Facebook to report their battle with a physical infirmity. Each time they posted, there was a particular individual who reassured them that they were praying but they would interject phrases like, “I have heard of that but I also know that is not good” or “I am praying and I hope that I don’t hear that it has gotten worse”. Those phrases have built-in anticipation for the fulfilling of their worst fears. Those negative aspects negate the positive sentiments being so feebly expressed. That person has a certain anticipation: the fulfillment of their fears. Platitudes and simplistic, typical replies are often an insult to the hearer, and what good has it done to release one’s fears into an atmosphere where the sufferer is likely already tentatively holding on to the last thread of positive consideration?  (The third excerpt from Marty’s article “Anticipation Nation”)


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