Daily Devotions

The Fallout of Emotions and Moods

Time and ravaged relationships will eventually prove that giving in to negative emotions or moods causes suffering similar to the fallout of chemical warfare.  Moods are like a poisonous fog that suffocates everyone within reach!  It is dangerous to tolerate “moods” because the “fog” of “my  anger” or “my  fear” is blinding, and we lose sight of what our negative emotions are doing to others and our own physical bodies.  We can even wander deeper into the fog and reach a pit of indifference.  In that “pit,” isolation and cynicism become an anesthesia that numbs upsetting emotions while it blocks out rational thinking. The ripple effects can be lethal . . . loneliness, hopelessness and failure to fulfill purpose.   (The fifth excerpt from Kathy’s article “Investing in Relationships” published in SEEC Magazine.)


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