Daily Devotions

Old wars, Old enemies, New Victories

Sharing the third victory in this series which was won with un-carnal weapons that were received in dreams and visions: Old wars, Old enemies, New Victories

      A lady told me that she had seen a dark shadow in her bedroom one evening. Strangely, she was not frightened, but she knew she needed wisdom and insight to set the thing to flight. A few days later in a dream, God opened her understanding.

 peaceful scene water     In the dream she discovered an old soul-tie, an individual that she had considered a constant refuge in times past. Suddenly she realized that because this friend had never required any commitment (nor offered any), she had used the relationship as a refuge whenever she feared commitment in her life. Many times when she’d been faced with the need to commit to a relationship or to commit to a responsibility, fear would flare up and send her running back to the refuge where there were no strings attached. It was a need-based, unhealthy relationship and she realized she was still tied to its memory. As surely as an old photo album from that time of her life was stored in a closet, she had stored that sense of refuge in her memory. Like a comforting blanky or silky, she could still pull it out if life got too demanding.

      Awaking and considering the dream, she realized the dream revealed she had maintained a memory in her heart of a carnal place of refuge. If the Lord is not our refuge, then neither is He Lord of our refuge … and the places in our life where He is not Lord are places vulnerable to powers of darkness. The dark shadow’s presence was evidence that a stronghold needed pulling down. Suddenly she remembered that same dark shadow had come to her room when she was a child. This revealed more of the nature of the stronghold. That fear of commitment that made her seek out refuge in her teen years had obviously dogged her in childhood also. Her understanding opened further and she knew there was a deeper root. That root was fear, a fear of failure to be exact. That fear, which is common to many, had likely plagued other generations in her house before coming to her room and it continued to show up through her life at points of purpose and times of potential fulfillment of destiny. Once again the familiar enemy showed up, intending to hinder a new season of purpose in her life, and he fully expected to send her scurrying backward in search of safety again.

      However, she now had an un-carnal weapon to wield. With the dream’s insights came the grace to take action. She started by getting rid of the old photos. There was no need to preserve the memory of the old refuge any longer because there was no need to assume or even accept failure. She no longer trusted her ability to build a refuge like she once had. By trusting in God instead of self, she slammed the door on the fear of failure and the dark shadow no longer had a legal leg to stand on. Through her obedient follow-through she was swinging an un-carnal weapon that defeated an old enemy for her and for her generations to come.

      For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, (2 Cor 10:3-4,NKJ)

(This is the fifth excerpt from Kathy Gabler’s article “Un-Carnal Weapons”.(This is the final excerpt from Kathy Gabler’s article “Un-Carnal Weapons”. Excerpts from articles are posted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.)


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