Daily Devotions

Just Fending Off Or Stopping Destruction?

Siege JerusalemAs God gives His mandate to Jeremiah, His mouthpiece to the people, missiles are being launched from siege machines. The pounding, hammering sounds of destruction are in the air. The people seem to have a mentality for retreat and survival in the present, not a mentality for the future and future generations. There is no mentality for gain, increase or growth but rather for getting relief from the present situation whatever price has to be paid. While they are taking structures apart to put up defenses for the present, the coming generation is surely wondering what will remain for their future and adopting attitudes that are nonproductive for future hope. There is no attempt to actually stop destruction, just attempts to try and fend off some of it.

(This is the third excerpt from the article “Just A Call” written by Marty Gabler in Volume 13 Issue 4 of SEEC Magazine. Excerpts will be posted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.)

Marty & Kathy Gabler invite you to read their articles in the latest issue of SEEC Magazine.
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We pray this issue will edify and equip you for our Lord’s Kingdom purposes,

Marty & Kathy

p. 3 – Restoring Honor In The House Of The Lord—-Jim Hodges
p. 8 – Bid Me Come—-Kathy Gabler

p. 11 – Being A Carrier Of A Revelation—-Dr. Patti Amsden
p. 15 – Patriots, Prophets and Policy—-Bob Long
p. 17 – Awareness—-Melissa Gabler
p. 19 – An Unfolding Revelation Of Jesus Christ—-Simon Purvis
p. 23 – The Gifts Of The Spirit—-Lynn Burling
p. 26 – And They Were All Filled With The Spirit—-Earl Pruitt
p. 28 – You Haven’t Seen Everything—-Marty Gabler




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