Daily Devotions

Explaining Or Exceeding Limitations?

hands reaching up1If you think about it even now, this long after Calvary, over 2000 years after Jesus, the Last Adam restored the breach caused by the “1st  Adam-bomb,” we are still more conditioned to explain our limitations than to exceed them.  I grew up in church, but I never heard anyone preach that I could reach into God’s governmental order and change things in earth.  I’ve known more Fig-Leaf-Fugitives than Supermen in the church.   It’s sad, but church people usually know more about condemnation than they do dominion.  Maybe we haven’t been reaching into the governmental order of heaven to bring it to earth because churchianity has made us more pious than powerful.  It certainly shouldn’t be an either/or, but many Christians are better church-goers than they are sons.  Our firstpriority should be to focus on being a son who knows his Father and knows Him well enough to know what Father has already done, as well as what Father is presently doing, so we can be sons who take dominion and cause things on earth to line up with that.

(This is the ninth excerpt from Kathy’s SEEC Magazine article “Advancing The Kingdom Through Dominion.” Excerpts will appear on this page Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.)

“Advancing The Kingdom” — Kathy’s message from the SEEC Kingdom Conference 2014 (52 min.)
Click link below to listen:

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