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JESUS is the Same Rock He’s Always Been

JESUS is the Same Rock He’s Always Been
Ayers Rock
As I considered all the woes in the world and everything that seems to be out of kilter in our nation and considered all the discouraging emails and endless Face Book posts, I began to pray earnestly for an answer. There readily rose up in my spirit this message: Jesus is the same Rock He has always been. 

Opposition to truth and life, the shaking of “everything that can be shaken,” and the difficulties of going onward in a shifting, god-denying culture cannot wear away one grain or one ounce of the Solid Rock we stand on. Jesus is the same Rock Israel stood on in the wilderness, the same Rock Jacob stood on and the same Rock that weathered everything with Apostle Peter and launched him into the miracles of the Book of Acts.

(This is the first in a series from Marty’s article on “Jesus Is The Same Rock He Has Always Been.”)
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