Daily Devotions

Not Cut Out By Hands

Not Cut Out By Hands

A “formidable image” rose up in a vision one night as King Nebuchadnezar fruitlessly sought sleep. He could not interpret it and was so troubled that he threatened the very lives of his counselors if they could not give him some relief meteorby interpreting the vision. The secret was revealed to Daniel in a night vision and he told the king, “There is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries” (Dan 2:28).

This “formidable” image inspired fear, apprehension, dread and it was of discouraging strength and size and forceful and powerful. No wonder Nebuchanezar was so disturbed. A collective of nations forming the image in the shape of a man had each sought their own destiny without any consideration for the purposes of Jehovah. The Israel of God, the people of God were but pawns in their schemes.  They had ridden over the tops of other nations; had enslaved and imprisoned untold thousands in their pursuit of power and conquering of nations. Each of the nations making up the image had designs on ruling the world.

There are nations in the world today that desire world-domination. There are ruthless rulers who will stop at nothing to subjugate and enslave nations. Some world-powers have attempted to portray themselves as being formidable that they might more easily conquer.

While Daniel did describe the formidable image to the king, he did not dwell there but went on to describe the Stone that was not cut out by hands (Dan 2:45). The Stone hit the formidable image in the feet and the result was that the formidable image completely crumbled into powder and was blown away by the wind. Since Jesus is the Rock, or in this context referred to as the Stone, Jesus is the one who took out the formidable opposition and He is the same Rock He has always been.

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