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More Or Less Spiritual

looking upHaving been around church-life a good many years I have observed a variety of people comparing who is “more spiritual” than whom and making judgments accordingly. Yet, after considering Scripture and observing folks, indication is that the one who is “more spiritual” is least judgmental; the one who is “more spiritual” is more loving and is most willing to walk the extra mile; the one who is “more spiritual” doesn’t cause criticism and rebellion in others. The “more spiritual” concept doesn’t separate, it adds to. Honestly, looking back over the years, I really don’t remember “truly spiritual people” (those whose lifetime proved Scripturally exemplary and reflective of the fruit of the Spirit) actually being all that concerned about making assessments on the lives of others. (1Cor. 9:27; 13:1-3; 2Cor. 10:12)