Daily Devotions

Agreeing With God’s Agenda

Kathy — Recently a friend told me of an open vision she had.  Sitting at a red light she saw a thick cloud that was low to the ground.  Suddenly, the air was sucked out of her body as she saw into the cloud to see it was HorsesAngelsWarriorsfilled with angels, warring angels, armed and mounted on horses.  The horses were jumping with nostrils flaring as they anxiously waited to charge into battle.  Overwhelmed by what she was seeing, she cried out and shouted to God, “It’s BIG!  God, it’s so BIG!”  Another friend while praying for the nation also saw an angel army on horseback getting ready to be released.  The vision impacted her, convincing her that God is answering the cries for our nation and what He is doing is far BIGGER than we knew to ask.  There is no telling how many have seen God’s angelic forces positioned for assignment in our behalf, and each of these moments of awareness are prompts for the ekklesia to say, “YES” to God’s agenda!

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