Daily Devotions

Have Been AND Gonna Bring it In

We are bringing in and we are going to bring in a harvest. Satan is going to be kicking himself for being so stupid as to set up our nation to be so fed up with unrighteousness, deceit and chaos. I read a report recently that claims 20% more people are reading the Bible since the outbreak of the virus. Don’t forget the murder MenCarryHarvesthornets and the riot thugs the enemy threw into the battle when he realized the virus wasn’t going to do just what he had planned. People are looking for answers, looking for peace. Since the shutdowns and quarantines came into effect, more people have been spending more time on the internet. I have been contacted by people I haven’t seen in forty years and family members who are looking for hope. Our home church Grace Church in Willis,TX has had parking lot services on Friday evenings. One evening a guy on a motorcycle drove up because he heard the worship team doing a sound check. He stayed for the whole service, raised his hand for prayer and took communion with us. People stopped on the street and listened as we worshipped and prayed and declared over our city and nation. We are set up for awakening, revival, harvest to the glory of the Father through Christ Jesus our Lord.

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