Daily Devotions

The Harvest Hasn’t Stopped

There is an average of 800 kernels on an ear of corn. It can vary all the way up to 1200 per ear and there can be 2-4 ears per stalk. That is a lot of corn! There is a harvest that is still growing and maturing. A few months ago as I drove through Central Texas I saw thousands of acres of corn growing and I was amazed at the number of stalks and ears that were showing growth day by day.
I was on the go, driving down a rural highway and praying about what is going on in our communities and our churches HarvestCornFieldand how it is all being so affected by the fear, the riots, violence, rules and shutdowns. We have spoken with a number of church leaders and church people and so many of them are pre-occupied with it all that they find it difficult to put any thought or effort into advancing the Kingdom.
The Lord is still on the throne and still at work on the harvest He desires in the earth. His plan is still in tact. He didn’t suddenly see some of the things on the news and say, “Oh, wow, I really didn’t plan well” or “Maybe I better change some of my plans because present circumstances will not willingly yield up the results I had hoped for” or “Maybe it would be best to just wait awhile”. The corn in those huge fields did not stop growing when the first violent, law-breaker rioters began destroying property and lives. It kept growing. No combination of events or national crises will stop the Lord’s harvest from growing.

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