Daily Devotions

Whether Many or Few

Kathy — The Israelites feared they could not keep foreigners and their devils and their darkness from invading just as today many believers can’t see how we can push back the darkness that is threatening our boundaries (and unfortunately we have had decades of dispensational teaching to back us not even trying). However, while there are devilish absurdities pushing all our boundaries, we do not have to bow to false god worshipers nor make their dreams come true. We dare not. Instead, we can renew our minds and align with our Father’s agenda so that I AM’s presence, power, ruling authority, governmental order, design and intent manifest and change our nation into an as in heaven condition. The Israelites didn’t mount up in mass and charge Goliath and take him down. It was David, just a remnant, that faced off with him and took him down. Many or few (1Sam.14:6), renewing our minds will position us to defeat darkness in our nation.

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