Daily Devotions

Think Like Father

Kathy — With renewed minds we can think like our Father.  Being transformed means we go through metamorphosis that changes our nature from the inside out to enable us for  purpose.  Walking in purpose we prove, or discern and allow what is God’s order and design.  So, if a toxic atmosphere moves in like a fog, we can sense it and counter it.  For example, if there is another shooting massacre, even while the media is just beginning their frenzy, we take a stand in our living room and declare, “No more.”  We can be confident that agreement between heaven and earth in that moment will give God access to stop a domino effect before the power of the air can affect another crazed mind to stage a shooting.  If toxic air moves in and touches our awareness, that tells us those spirits are close enough that we should touch back. There’s no reason to allow devils to freely do what they come to do.  They may have squeezed in through a legal loophole, but their illegal agenda can’t stand in a face-off with sons/daughters of God legislating according to ‘as it is in heaven’!  

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