Daily Devotions

Heaven Coming to Earth

Kathy — Heaven coming to earth is a bigger deal than praying a prayer.  When we were in North Carolina, our nephew was going to take us to the airport. He asked Isaiah, his 5 yr-old, if he wanted to go to the airport with us.  Isaiah answered, “Sounds like a job for Spiderman.”  That might of had something to do with the Sunlight cloudspajamas he was wearing, but if someone asks us, “You want to be a part of heaven coming to earth?” our first thought might be to borrow Isaiah’s PJs!  That sounds like a job for a super hero or Super Spiritual Someone, but the first thing Jesus said in the Lord’s prayer is our starting point and safe anchor, “Our Father”.  Even before God’s awesome, ultimate majesty begins unfolding as the scripture continues, “Who is in heaven”, He is first Father and that establishes relationship as a Father with sons and daughters.  The reality is that every son and daughter of God is on earth to do Father’s doings and can bring His presence, authority, power, plans and governmental order to change lives and situations in the earth as it is in heaven. Seeing heaven come into earth is supposed to be part of sonship and normal life because wherever sons and daughters are, the Kingdom is within reach (Lk.10:9,11).

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