Daily Devotions

God Knows How to Position People

We continue to rejoice as more reports come in concerning what the Lord has done by the ministry of His Holy Spirit. We received news from another country TwoPeopleTalkingconcerning a man that I prophesied to several years ago. The prophecy was that he would enter politics and God would use him for the advancement of the Kingdom.  That man was elected governor in that region where we ministered to him. He was put in jail, by the opposition, the day before the election. He was elected while he was in jail! The newspaper had already printed stories about his opponent’s victory and had to reprint the paper.  He has aided local ministries and ministries from the U.S. to do what they would not have been able to do were he not in office. A personal friend of ours is one of the ministers he has helped and our friend ministers to the governor when he is in that area.  God knows how to position people for His purposes. We so appreciate those who have supported us so that we could go and “preach the Kingdom of God to other cities also.” (Lk.4:43)

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