Daily Devotions

Obedience and the Much Bigger Matter

Standing on the steps of our state capitol in the place where inaugurations are held, the team sang, “I will remain confident in this, we will see the goodness of the fieldLORD.”  We were there to witness an inauguration, a startup of a new era that opened our government and politics and moral and legal standards to the goodness and purposes of God.  Suddenly, Melissa turned and pointed at the capitol building and prophesied in song, “You will not abort this time . . .”  The stirring within Melissa to prophesy those specific words to the legal and political heart of Texas were not random or coincidence.  While the prophecy was a general directive from the Lord for our government to not abort the will and purposes of God, it was also a specific directive to reverse legal history.  The worship team had been unknowingly set-up for this timely obedience that was in no way premeditated on their part.  Melissa had no awareness of the famous abortion case of Roe vs. Wade having its roots in Texas.  Nevertheless, her obedience was the appointment of God to release agreement with heaven to uproot and change its fruit.  The little “piece” she got and released was a part of a much bigger matter than they knew in both the state and the nation. 

Whether the government of God alters the direction and details of history through a world-shaking miracle or incrementally through a series of events, our lives and obedience are meant to be instrumental in this ever increasing Kingdom.  —Kathy Gabler  (Last excerpt from “Ever Increasing”)

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