Daily Devotions

Profit From Resistance

A body builder by the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t get that way because God made his environment perfect. He got that way by pumping weight liftingand pressing against iron. Let me say that another way: he worked with resistance. He didn’t stop or go another direction when the great resistance of weighty iron was presented to him.  His experience in resisting iron was that every time he would push the iron up, the iron—through its weight—would push down. He consistently worked with that resistance to build a championship physique whereby he was able to rule in the world of body builders. The perfect environment that brought him through to championship was one of resistance.

(This is the seventh excerpt from Marty’s article “The Governor’s Power” taken from Marty & Kathy’s ministry magazine, SEEC Magazine Volume 17 Issue 5. More excerpts will be posted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The article in its entirety may be read at this link: https://martygabler.com/articles/)


Marty & Kathy’s articles * SEEC Magazine * April/May 2014

Click on this link to read articles: https://martygabler.com/magazine/


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