Daily Devotions

What Are We Putting Into The Atmosphere?

upset_phoneWhat are we putting into the atmosphere? The prime reason Jesus knew that He must help the disciples reach a point of not being troubled (Jn.14:1) is because when people are troubled, they talk like they are troubled. That kind of talk is contagious. Talk that is troubled is anything but productive.

(This is the ninth excerpt from Marty’s article “Launching Into A New Era” in Volume 17 Issue 6 of SEEC Magazine * Marty will be speaking at the SEEC Kingdom Conference * Mar.5-7.  Conference details are at  https://martygabler.com/ctk-conference/)
Listen to a short audio file of MELISSA GABLER speaking on “Everything Is Set Up For You To Cross The Finish Line.” She will be speaking at Kingdom Conference March 5-7. To hear Melissa CLICK ON THIS LINK:  http://martygabler.podomatic.com/entry/2014-02-24T20_55_32-08_00


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