Daily Devotions

The Reason For The Troubling

They were soon to launch upon a new era in their lives:  ministering and facing opposition, facing the world, its issues and needs without Jesus’ physical presence. They would Launch pad firenow be the ones 1.) dealing directly with religious opposition in all forms, 2.) dealing directly with devils in all forms and 3.) dealing directly with the great weight of human need. They would no longer be standing behind Him observing, listening as He authoritatively dealt with each person and each situation with acts of power. They are now the ones who will be speaking authoritatively and performing acts of power or the troubles will go uncontradicted and needs will continue unmet and unabated. Therefore, it is no wonder that their hearts were troubled, distressed, agitated. Yet, if our Lord commands us to not let our heart be troubled, we have the ability (through Him) to not let our heart be troubled. He would not carelessly command what we could not obey.

(This is the second excerpt from Marty’s article “Launching Into A New Era” in Volume 17 Issue 6 of SEEC Magazine.)

Along with a great line-up of anointed men and women of God, Marty will be speaking at the SEEC Kingdom Conference * Mar.5-7.  Conference details are at  martygabler.com/ctk-conference/  and you may hear a few excerpts of Apostles Hodges’ message 

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