Daily Devotions

Dreams That Plead The Cause Of God

Prophetic dreams or visions that reveal God’s command to plead the cause of God are intercessory dreams.  Consider your dream a call to intercession if: 

intercessory-prayer(1.) You are either in an observer position, getting insights from God’s all-knowing perspective or if you are a vicarious target (experiencing nothing that has any possibility in your life.)  A vicarious dream can be traumatic because the dreamer literally experiences the pain someone else is in or can be caught up in the same battle someone else is having with perversion or drugs or demons etc.  An intercessory dream is a call to a first-person war in another’s behalf.  

(2.) Consider your dream a call to intercession if you are awaken, stirred or concerned, or 

(3.) if someone’s need or fault is revealed, or 

(4.) if a threat is exposed.

(This is the fifth excerpt from an article by Kathy Gabler entitled “Dream Deposits, Downloads And Disclosures.” The article was taken from SEEC Magazine.)

For more information click on this link:  http://seecministries.org/books-cds/

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