Daily Devotions

Cowering Chunk Of Crispy Fried Chicken?

Cowering Chunk Of Crispy Fried Chicken?
Actually, persecution for righteousness’ sake is evidence that you are a Kingdom agent caught in the crossfire. The real target is a righteous deposit of God’s purpose in history.  Fried ChickenNow that’s not to minimize persecution or say that being in the crossfire is fun or easy.  It wasn’t easy for Esther when she was caught in such crossfire, but she did not throw up her hands and take on a victim-attitude.  Persecution does not equal “victim” or “martyr.” We should not automatically just cower.  Esther didn’t, and we can learn from her.  The opposite of being a victim is to fight wisely, activate God’s countermeasures and get a God-strategy. Daniel and the three Hebrews were persecuted in the crossfire of King Darius’ corrupt court, but a victim would have been a lion’s lunch or crispy fried chicken in the fiery furnace.

(This is an excerpt from an article by Kathy Gabler entitled “Offense: The Kingdom In Action” in which she talks about the advantage of moving from merely a defensive strategy to an offensive strategy.)

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