Daily Devotions

Disallowed By Men

people on-rocksDisallowed By Men

“To whom coming, as unto a living stone, disallowed indeed of men, but chosen of God, and precious… “ (1Pe.2:4)  It simply does not matter how many or who has “disallowed” the Living Stone. What does matter is that He “is chosen of God” (1Pe 2:4). The result, however, has been nations chafing under the friction of rejecting The Stone and His righteousness. When The Stone is “disallowed” (rejected) then men will fill the void with self-seeking impostors and redemption of men and society are far from us. There is great hope in this verse, for Peter informs us that only men have disallowed The Stone. It was inventive, determined men at Babel who were easily overcome with the simple fact of the confusing of their language so that their intricate agenda was brought to a screeching halt. Not even Goliath could remain standing before the diminutive David (OT type of the NT Christ). The Rock, Christ Jesus is prevailing and as His people stand on Him, they shall prevail against storm and wind no matter who has “disallowed” Him.

Not only is He chosen of God but He is “precious,” i.e., when you have calculated His value and His person, there is more that you have not yet realized. We shall yet see more and more of who this Rock is and what this Rock does.

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