Daily Devotions

Components That Oppose Harvest

wheat-cloudsThere are things happening prior to harvest. Harvest does not just simply come. There are events and components that oppose harvest and they must be resisted and overcome or eradicated. In the case of Mt. 13:30 the tares must be eradicated before the profit of the harvest can be realized by the master who owns the field. 

The tares, like any other type of weed, steal from the wheat plants. Most who have ever tried to grow a garden have experienced the opposition of weeds and their resultant damage. The roots of the tares are intertwined with the roots of the good wheat. They are taking (1) valuable moisture, (2) nutrients and (3) space needed for the wheat to gain its full growth and maturity. 

(This is the third excerpt from Marty’s article “Tares And Wheat.” In the next few days, there will be excerpts dealing with “Calling Things That Are Not” and “Incremental Change.”)

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