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Destiny And Calendar Thresholds

Destiny And Calendar Thresholds
The viewpoint which is most readily accepted throughout the institutional Church is that the destiny of the Church is somewhere out there in an ideological future after all the prophecy teachers’ predictions have come to pass. There are some people who are waiting for a much-desired calendar date to come along so that they can finally be what they are not now. There are those who teach that a calendar date is the hope of the Church. Yet, the emphasis of Scripture is to show that JESUS is the hope of the Church and of all mankind. Jesus is our hope, not an event.(Col 1:27) I have talked with people who cannot wait for this present age to be over with so they no longer have to deal with disillusionment over economics, religion and politics. In organized religion, the answer has consistently been: you will no longer be disappointed or disillusioned or be the object of injustice once a certain calendar date arrives. (One very well financed individual has missed the date several times in recent months in spite of the plain language of Matt24:36.) We have been presented with a great desire and a goal to get through a calendar threshold and get on the other side where there is nothing of the negative sort to deal with. The goal presented is a state of bliss without confrontation or contradiction. Basically, Jesus and His glory manifested are left out of the equation for happiness, except as a usable means of arriving there. Yet, the destiny of the Church is to be NOW (Jn17:15,18) what Jesus was in His ministry.(Jn5:17) The destiny of the Church does not need a calendar threshold but the power of the Holy Spirit to be and to do (Acts 1:8). seecministries.org

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