Daily Devotions

Is the destiny of the Church present or future?

Is the destiny of the Church present or future?

The answer will determine the Church’s posture and its motivation. Is the destiny of the Church to be a congregation (which means “to gather”) or is the destiny of the church to be a congress (a legislative assembly)? Will the Church’s action be congregational or congressional? The Church’s destiny is not in some ethereal future nestled in some farflung region but right here and right now. Jesus didn’t find Himself in hot water until those observing Him began to realize that His purpose wasn’t merely to gather with others and quote the Pentateuch but to bring the authority of Jehovah into the earth. Jesus legislated (legislate: to bring into effect) justice into injustice, life into death, deliverance into captivity, healing into brokenness, sightedness into blindness (Lk 4:18). Rather than pointing a finger at the sky and saying, “Someday,” He pointed a finger at the need and spoke the solution in the present circumstances. “As you sent me into the world, I also have sent them into the world (Jn 17:8). (also 1Jn 4:17)

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