Daily Devotions

Deciding Not to Stop and Replay

Jesus’ death, burial, resurrection and ascension was for our salvation. That RecorderListensalvation includes the power to overcome any obstacle to your life and purpose. The fact that He came to die for you proves that you have value. That’s your trump, the undeniable proof that you have value and that will forever declare your worth! The challenge is figuring out how to get your emotions to agree with that truth so that you don’t bottom-out if someone treats you as if you don’t have worth. If someone’s selfishness or pride or ignorance or prejudice or stupidity causes them to look at anybody as worthless, that is their problem. It is a lie to believe someone else’s problem can make you worthless. The challenge here is to find a way that their problem has no influence over our emotions. If we can learn to leave those offending moments in life by deciding not to stop and replay them, we can walk away in the confidence that we can trust God to deal with people and their issues while we rest in the truth that our self-worth isn’t even at risk.—Kathy Gabler

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