Daily Devotions

Don’t Give Enemy Fodder

Don’t give your enemy fodder for his cannon. To say it differently, don’t give your enemy ammunition to shoot back at you. Don’t bring unnecessary grief upon CannonAndBallsyourself by saying something you could have left unsaid. Prevent the additional weight of extra burdens by not getting involved in something you didn’t have to get involved in. Give yourself time to consider a matter before giving an opinion or advice. “Take everything to the Lord in Prayer.”  Lk 11:53  “As He left there, the scribes and the Pharisees [followed Him closely, and they] began to be enraged and set themselves violently against Him and to draw Him out and provoke Him to speak of many things,  54  Secretly watching and plotting and lying in wait for Him, to seize upon something He might say [that they might accuse Him].”

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