Daily Devotions

Need Answers

Melissa—Recently I was thinking about some people in my life that need answers in a big way.  They’ve been fighting life altering circumstances and they just need answers, change, miracles! As this is going through my head, I all of a sudden see something being ripped in half and I hear, “No longer subjugated.” “Subjugated” is a word I wanted to look up.  Subjugate (Websters 1828 dictionary): “To subdue and bring under the yoke of power or dominion; to conquer by force and compel to submit to the government or absolute control of another.”  Well, that made my hair stand up!
A couple of weeks before this the Lord told me that He is using this current oppression to deliver us from life-long oppression.  So, when subjugation came up it was quite loud to me that He was saying we are no longer under control of decades, possibly centuries, of oppression.  This is huge! This is part of the awakening.  We’ve been asleep at the wheel and this explains to me why we haven’t seen great and mighty things on a larger scale that we know we are supposed to be seeing.

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