Daily Devotions

Getting Discoveries

Kathy–Have you ever searched the scriptures for an answer to a question but then forgot the question because of other discoveries along the way? I started looking for a simple phrase in a scripture in the book of Numbers, but I found myself caught up in the fiasco of Balak and Balaam trying to curse Israel. The fiasco felt familiar as determined men plotted to undermine a nation. Balak (“waster, annihilator”) wanted Israel cursed so he could prevail over and control them. He was afraid of them, afraid of how they had prevailed over all their enemies thus far. He went to get the prophet Balaam to curse them hoping a curse would make Israel weak and beatable. He had no idea he was the devil’s pawn in a spiritual war trying to stop Israel from entering the promises of God. That devilish supernatural backing for Balak helps us understand his extreme determination to prevail over God’s plan for a nation. This is not just an account from history, it is what we are witnessing daily: evil plotters trying to undermine our nation and defeat God’s purpose for it. It makes one wonder if perverse politicians, lustful leaders and evil elites have even read history. If they had, they’d know they can’t thwart God and His plan nor curse what He blesses without suffering the consequences of stupidity.

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