Daily Devotions

Understanding True Sonship

The following is an excerpt from Larry Burden’s new book “The Orphan Heart—Restoring True Sonship”. (Larry is speaking at Kingdom Equipping Congress 2016. The theme is “Sons/Daughters of the Kingdom”. March 2-4, 2016)

FatherWithChildrenMy early church experience was that of serving in any capacity that I could. I sang in the choir, served as a youth and worship minister, worked in the helps ministry as an usher and greeter, and more. Even when I received the call to full- time ministry, my mindset was that of serving in any capacity that was afforded me. I served as a pastor, teacher, and an executive administrator. Over the span of 29 years I was a faithful servant of the Lord, yet in that entire span of time I NEVER heard the message of SONSHIP! But here is the good news. It is NEVER TOO LATE!
Servant in scripture is defined as a slave, laborer, or bondman. A servant is one with no relational blessing of a father and who is destined to a life of servi- tude with no hope of inheritance. The word Son on the other hand is derived from a root word meaning build and speaks of a son who is a builder of the family name. A son is one who has the relational blessing of a father with full rights of inheritance as blood offspring. Their inheritance is accompanied by assigned privileges, authority, and possessions.
When you compare a servant to a son it looks like the following:
Servants honor their master by working; sons honor their fathers by being sons. Servants build relationship by performance; sons build relationship by love and trust. Servants are motivated by fear of punishment or hope of reward; sons are motivated by acceptance. Servants are works oriented; sons are inheritance ori- ented. Servants strive to earn love; sons freely receive love. Servants fear their masters; sons love their fathers. Servants fear failure; sons have the freedom to fail.
Without an understanding of true sonship, generations will continue to live as orphans and foster children. The key is to remove the curse of fatherlessness through the cross. The cross not only saves us from our sins and transforms us, it also gives to us a position of SONSHIP in our Father’s kingdom. Through the cross experience, we become translated into the eternal realm of the Father where we are given a new set of lenses to view ourselves differently. We have been given the right to see ourselves as SONS in the father’s house.
(For more information on Larry’s new book: www.kingdomlife.org)

For info on KEC2016: martygabler.com/kec2016/


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