Daily Devotions

Whose Report Will You Believe?


Often someone will walk up and say, “What is the Lord saying?” I think, most often, that the Lord is saying or asking, “Where are you going to stand? Will you stand with the nation-wide news broadcasts or with reports of demographics or with unrighteous legislation or, in spite of it all, will you stand on my Word?” At the close of each service (and every night before retiring), we might should sing the words of that song, “Whose report will you believe? We will believe the report of the Lord!” We are not subject to robbers, corruption and terrorists, we are subject to the Word of God if we will agree with it. (Mt 18:19-20) We too are posed with this question: “Is the Lord’s power limited?” (Num.11:23)  Is the Lord’s power limited just a little bit in certain areas of disease or international crises? The answer is an emphatic, “NO!”. We live an overcoming life by the power of God because the living Word is alive and active within us. Col 1:29  For this purpose also I labor, striving according to His power, which mightily works within me

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